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UpSides® – A celebration of nature’s creativity.

Turn your meals into something special with all-natural, whole grain, seasoned side dishes made with nutritious ancient grains and pastas blended with colorful vegetables.

9-grain goodness.

UpSides® 9-grain orzo, kale & vegetable blend

Delicious orzo made with nine of the world's healthiest grains and a rainbow of vegetables make one nutty, nutritious taste explosion.

Gorgeous grains.

Ancient grains, orzo & vegetable blend

Packed with red quinoa, black barley, lentils, red peppers, broccoli, carrots, tasty spices and the wisdom of the ages.

Fiesta of flavor.

Exotic grains & roasted vegetable blend

A vibrant mix of powerhouse grains, black beans, roasted corn & chili peppers, and tomatoes create a celebration of flavor.

Flavors fit for a king.

Hearty grain & wild mushroom blend

Khorasan wheat first enjoyed by Egyptian pharaohs, red and wild rice, a blend of Crimini & Shitake mushrooms seasoned with onion and spices create this vibrant medley.

A colorful, all-star dish.

Red quinoa, couscous & vegetable blend

Israeli couscous, red quinoa, red & yellow peppers, carrots and spices give this dish delightful taste and texture.

9-grain orzo, kale & vegetable

9-grain orzo, kale & vegetable

Ancient grains, orzo & vegetable

ancient grains, orzo & vegetable

Exotic grains & roasted vegetable

exotic grains & roasted vegetable

Hearty grain & wild mushroom

hearty grain & wild mushroom

Red quinoa, couscous & vegetable

red quinoa, couscous & vegetable

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